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Friday, May 29, 2009

Double Trouble Twins from Get Yer Goat

Goats are funny little animals, but you have to admit that a lot of them are cute. Some of them just tip over into the "Awww!" Zone, like the pygmy goat babies in this design from Get Yer Goat.

There's a warning involved here, that these kids can be "Double Trouble," but it hardly matters. If I were the parent of twins (or knew someone who was), I would definitely be getting a pair of these adorable tees for two!

This shirt is an organic cotton tee in children's sizes, but you'll find them for infants and toddlers, youth sizes, and women's sizes, too. The design looks great on the
handy canvas tote bag, and it would be just fabulous for the expectant mother of twins on a maternity shirt.

The Double Trouble Twins t-shirt and more can be purchased at Get Yer Goat
- Double Trouble Twins . Don't forget to look for more gear for moms and kids while you're there!!

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